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Reviews for Kingston Chiropractic Plus

What Our Patients Are Saying

icon-testimonialsOur patients love to share the stories of their experiences with us. Browse the patient reviews below, and feel free to call our office if you have any questions.


Dr Neil Reilly


Neil saw me very quickly, which I desperately needed. My first treatment relieved a lot of the pain from a back sprain, so I could function almost normally within a day. Following a second treatment I felt well on the road to recovery. His pre-treatment examination and questions were thorough and reassuring. I would recommend him.
- Grant L.
Neil always has time to talk through the problem and takes life experiences into account when talking through the best options to get the best outcome for you. I have been a patient of his for many years and always know to go back to him whenever I need help with an old injury or indeed a new one. He will always give an accurate and fair assessment.
- Jo P.
I had seen Neil back in January 1991 when referred by a friend after it looked like I would need to stop serious sport due to a worsening back condition. By July 1991 I had not only recovered but had won the single sculls event at the British National Championships. 31 years later when I needed help again I contacted Neil.
- Farrell M.
Great appointment. The session has really helped my neck pain. It is so much better. Thank you.
- Julia H.
I have had back pain for over 20 years and seen lots of different professionals who have all helped a bit. Dr Reilly (Chiropractor) was the first person who really explained what was going on with my back. He told me in plain English what was going on and also explained frankly what he could do to help and also managed my expectations by explaining that my back would never be 100% again as I have degenerative/arthritic changes. However after my first visit and lots of manipulation (far more than I have received before in 1 session) I really felt q exhausted which I feel was due to Dr Reilly (Chiropractor) releasing tensions that had been there for many, many years. My back does now feel much more flexible and I almost felt I could run today when walking my dogs. And this is only after 1 appointment. I can’t recommend him highly enough. Thank you!
- Sue D.
I’m so grateful that I was recommended to this practice; it was everything and much more than I could have hoped for. I have total trust in Neil as a practitioner and now a friend. Good results are happening faster than both of us thought possible… many many thanks.
- Jaqualine N.
Neil was very welcoming on my first visit and took time to listen to my problem, asking questions to ensure understanding. As I had never previously visited a chiropractor, Neil explained what he could do for my condition, which put me at ease. Prior to my visit, Neil had asked me to bring along any letters, notes or scans from doctors or hospitals to assist with him understanding my condition. All of this displayed his attention to detail.
- Simon R.

I have been seeing Neil for over 20 years to help manage my back problems, regularly for maintenance and periodically for acute flare ups and chronic back pain. I have found chiropractic treatment to be the only thing that really helps my back problems and allows me to carry on working and enjoying life.

I always feel substantially better after a session with Dr. Neil (Chiropractor), who has found the perfect balance of professionalism and making patients feel at ease whilst always explaining any issues very clearly. I would definitely recommend treatment from Neil to anyone suffering from back problems.

- Rupert W.

I’ve been a patient of Neil’s for about 15 years. He is always professional, polite and can accommodate last minute appointments (great for sudden relaps back problems). His treatments work or resolving long term problems and maintenance.

- Emma

My back and general well-being has improved considerably thanks to Neil’s healing approach. I play tennis again with renewed confidence and vigour. Neil’s positive – no nonsense style combines with his professional practice and I have been back pain free for the last three years. My son is a healthy, sporting 15 year old and has also benefited – rugby, rowing injuries have quickly been resolved. What works best, we now know, is a regular visit to our chiropractor. Maintenance prevents injury – as a family we recommend Neil Reilly.

- Robin H. & family

More than 10 years ago my orthopedic surgeon referred me to Neil for my neck- and back problems as a last means before surgery. Neil has managed to relief my pain, preserve my mobility and most importantly managed to avoid risky surgery over all these years. Neil is a very courteous and consummate professional. I can only strongly recommend Neil to anyone experiencing back pain or other pains. Every treatment has been supported by advice, guidance and care which, as always, has been second to none.

- Helen

Stories from Dr. Neil (Chiropractor)

About 15 years ago a young man came to the clinic in desperation on the morning of his wedding.

He had a very acute muscle spasm which was causing him so much pain that he was literally flexed at 90 degrees at the waist – something akin to Groucho Marx!

We had about 4 hours to get him upright for the wedding – the photos would have been ruined – and of course he needed to be out of pain.Read More…

A combination of ice packs, soft tissue trigger pointing and chiropractic adjustment did the job but we had to keep him in one of the treatment rooms and keep adjusting him in between a very busy clinic.

The young man ended up shaving and getting dressed for his wedding in the clinic but still tells me when he comes in now that he is happily married.

He did invite me to the wedding but I had a busy list of patients. I understand his speech was very amusing and I featured prominently in it!

A charming man of 92 years old was attending the clinic on a weekly basis for his chronic low back pain when he announced that he could not attend for the following 2 weeks.”Are you going on holidays?” I asked.”No” he replied ” I am going to the tennis at Wimbledon, I go every day when it’s on, I have the same car parking space, the same table in the restaurant and I haven’t missed a day for over 70 years.”
Read More…
“Blimey” I said, “Have you ever played at Wimbledon?”.”Yes, I played Fred Perry there before World War II”.I was pretty interested now ” Did you ever beat him? ” I enquired.”No, but I took a set off him once. I knew his weakness and decided to exploit it” he responded. ” I told him there were two gorgeous girls in the crowd and I had invited them out for a double date that night. He spent the first set trying to find them and I beat him 6/4. Then he realised that I was tricking him and he beat me 6 love in the next two sets!”.The elderly gentleman has now passed away but his ashes are scattered on Centre Court.

One of the world’s most famous soccer players came in with chronic recurrent hamstring pain. He responded well and went on to score the winning goal in the F.A. Cup final that year. About as close as I will ever get to scoring in the cup final but I do take a little bit of credit for that goal.

After nearly 30 years in practice students often ask me why I keep going with such enthusiasm. I usually hand them the postcard with a picture of a penguin on it, that has been sitting on my desk for years.

I explain that as part of every case history I take I ask the patient what they would do if they were unencumbered of their condition, what they would really like to achieve if they were able. The answers range from have a baby, pass an exam, walk in the countryside, score a goal etc. When patients come back and tell me they have achieved their goal I feel in some way that I have a share of their success.

The penguin postcard was sent by an elderly lady whose life ambition was to visit the pole and see a penguin in real life in its natural habitat. A constant reminder to me.

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